Ivan Dimov

A skipper's story...

About me

I was just 7 years old when I discovered the sea, and I started to feel such great emotions tightening a shroud and driving the wind in the Dead Sea water. Years have passed since then, but these years have been useful to me in order to increase my passion for the sea and my expertise which allows me to conduct both sailing and motor boats, all in complete safety. Since 20 years I turned my passion for sailing into a job. I have always tried to convey this passion and respect for the sea to those who shared the boat steering and the space on board with me. I was very lucky to sail with outstanding crews. I sailed in the Indian Ocean between Bali and Madagascar. I joined many transfer trips in the Atlantic Ocean between Bahamas and the United Kingdom.


In 2018 I fitted out a 5,90 m Coco Minitransat in order to take a solo
adventure in the ocean. The boat had innovative sails and masting. I started
sailing from La Rochelle and I arrived at the Canaries, where I stopped
because of some technical issues.


  • Boat control
  • Boats managment
  • Worldwide transfer by sea
  • Boat examination and evaluation


+39 329 9313484

+87 0776487170 (satellitare)