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A solo world voyage around the three capes,
non-stop and with no back-up, on a Coco Minitransat
specially modified for the voyage


    The total distance is about 28,000 miles, to be covered in the shortest possible time.  Departure is scheduled on 10 June 2018. To see where Ivan's currently at, click HERE. Following the traditional route for circumnavigating the three capes, he'll set sail from northern Europe and continue down the Atlantic coast to the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa. He'll then cross the Indian Ocean to Cape Leeuwin in Australia, pass in front of New Zealand and continue across the Pacific to Cape Horn in South America, then back cross the Atlantic to the port of departure.


    We'll be able to watch the journey live via three satellite cameras: one showing the route, another showing a bird's eye view of the boat and the third controlled by Ivan, who will position it at various points, including a fixed point that he'll use as a video diary.

    Over time we'll see Ivan's beard grow and we'll hear his reflections on love, life, travel, fear and anything else he wants to share with us during his solo venture. With the satellite network we'll be able to see any live images that Ivan decides to share with us.


    Minnie is a boat less than six metres long with a classic, semi-floating hull, fitted with a new double-mast structure supporting a twin-jib headsail - a project by Vitali-Pizzoglio that Ivan is using because of its simplicity and potential. The navigation programme is extremely demanding, so absolute priority is given to simplifying manoeuvres and minimising potential breakages. For this reason the sails are fitted on a commercially-available jib furling system, which is simple and secure.


    A small boat with a big purpose.
    SAVE THE PLANET is not just a slogan, it's a major project promoted by Enegan who are supporting Ivan in the pursuit of his goal. Ivan will collect all the plastic waste that crosses his path during the voyage. This waste will be stored in a special net and once it reaches a certain amount it will be connected to an international signalling device and released in the ocean along with a message. Any boats that pick up the signal will be encouraged to retrieve and read the message, which will explain the purpose of the mission and ask them to help eliminate plastic waste. If everyone on the ocean did the same thing, at least some of the tons of plastic polluting our seas would be recovered.

I’ve used to love and live the sea in a hard way. I’ve been a skipper since I was 22 years old, and I’ve sailed since I was 7 years old.

I crossed the Atlantic Ocean on the route Bahamas – United Kingdom; I crossed the Indian Ocean on the route Madagascar – Bali; I know much about the Mediterranean Sea.

Now I’m planning to sail around the world by myself, via the three Capes (Cape of Good Hope, Cape Leeuwin, Cape Horn).

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